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We are a Video Production Company based in Los Angeles. Since 1996, juriFILM, Inc. provides ENG Camera Crews and German EB-Teams in Los Angeles and along the entire US West Coast. The company’s founders are of German descent, so we have been focusing on German clients since the beginning while establishing the company as a German TV Company in Los Angeles. At the same time and after over 20 years in the TV services business, we also acquired many customers from all over the world. René Jung, a cameraman and camera operator in Los Angeles, serves as the CEO of juriFILM, Inc. from its beginning.

Our Los Angeles-based ENG Video Crews will travel to any location in the US, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean or the Pacific Southwest. Depending on the destination, the amount of equipment and the number of people traveling, it may require certain prior steps and arrangements.

juriFILM's Los Angeles headquarters are centrally located in Culver City. From here it is only a 20-25 minute drive to LAX Airport, Century City, Santa Monica, West Hollywood or Venice Beach, making it convenient for producers to reach popular filming locations or choose options for their local hotels based on their personal preferences or production logistics.


grip—Pebble beach course d’elegance and D’Lemons

juriFilm covered the Course d’Elegance with the world’s most expensive and exclusive collectible vehicles many times. This year, as a fun addition we also visited the famed show’s counterpart, the Course d’Lemons, where only the weirdest and trashiest cars have a chance to win the contest.

galileo—Tunnel Systems under LA Downtown

For Pro7’s Galileo infotainment program we investigated the urban legend of tunnels existing deep under the skyscrapers of Los Angeles Downtown.

Hallo Deutschland—Composer J.Scherle

From Skid Row to rock climbing and unusual recording techniques, on this assignment we covered a variety of challenging elements during two days in the life of award-winning composer Julian Scherle who lives in LA.

taff—a day in los Angeles with boris kodjoe

One of the many entertainment news segments we worked on stands out from our recent assignments. We spent an entire day with Austrian-born actor Boris Kodjoe who has built a strong career for himself in Hollywood’s entertainment industry.

RTL-EXTRA—Homegrown Adult Films on Demand

A very discrete and delicate assignment: for Germany’s market leader in Entertainment News, RTL’s “Extra”, juriFilm entered the bizarre world of erotic film clips produced on demand.

Mercedes F015-Press test Drive Event

juriFilm outfitted the introduction of the elusive Mercedes F015 concept car with several camera crews and helped create beauty shots of the vehicle on well-known locations in and around San Francisco.

galileo—The Town of Bombay beach on the Salton Sea

A juriFilm crew spent two days for Germany’s daily infotainment show Galileo at the infamous Salton Sea to film an extensive portrait of the otherworldly town of Bombay Beach, once an affluent vacation town, today home of some truly unique characters.

sat.1—Cool and Friendly People In Venice Beach

Together with comedic morning show reporter Philipp Hageni we investigated for sat.1 why people in Venice Beach, CA are so cool, friendly and good looking.

Mercedes E-Class at the CES in Las Vegas

We helped create elegant night shots of the Mercedes E-Class during the CES in Las Vegas. The car is known for its leading connectivity features. Assignments like this are a specialty of our DP/operator James Stolz.



Sony F55, Sony FS7 M2, Sony a7SII (with DJI Ronin-S Gimbal), Sony PDW F-800 (XDCAM), GoPro HERO 6

We also offer C300 camera crews with Los Angeles-based camera operators and owners upon request.


Fujinon MK Cine Zoom 18-55 f2.9, Canon CN-E 18-80 f4, Canon CN-E 70-200 f4, Canon EF 16-35 f2.8, Canon CN 14.5-60 f2.6 (PL), SONY FE 24-70 f2.8 GM w/ E-mount, Canon 4.7x11, Fujinon 4.5x12, Fujinon 6.3x16, Fujinon 7.6x18 (all 3 w/ B4-mount), lens remote control, Zeiss Y/C Duclos cine-modified Primes (set of 6 w/ EF mount)


JVC 27” Client Monitor, Small HD DP7, BlackMagic Video Assist 5.5” HD monitor with built-in ProRes recorder, Paralynx Ace wireless SDI video, nanoFlash


Sachtler 7+7, Sachtler Video 20Plus, Sachtler Video 18Plus, Sachtler Dolly-S, Baby Legs, HiHat, ProSup Slider


SoundDevices 552, SoundDevices 442, Lectrosonic wireless audio lavs and handheld transmitter, Sennheiser boom mics 416 and ME66/67, EV RE50B handheld mics

External recording devices like SoundDevices 633, 664 or 688 or all ZOOM products are available upon request.


ARRI HMI 200W (AC and DC power), Litepanels 1x1 Astra bi-color and 1x1 Flood, ARRI Tungsten kits (650W with Chimera Softbox, 300W, 150W), Lowel Tota 750W (for 6x7 LiteDisc Green/Blue Screen), Westcott Scrim Jim overhead bounce 6x6 and 4x6, SunBounce Sun Swatter Mini, sufficient variety of grip equipment, sandbags, stands, electrical extensions and taps


AVID Media Composer w/ Symphony Option (fully licensed), Adobe Premiere Pro (license rental on demand), all MacPro based

Please email to or call +1 (310) 990-6673 for a quote on crews and equipment or use our contact sheet below.

We accept payment in US-Dollars and EUROs.


Our EB-Teams/ENG-Crews (camera operator/sound assistant) provide creative video production services and corporate video production in Los Angeles. We cater to foreign and domestic television/broadcast or film productions, independent and documentary filmmakers as well as commercial productions, corporate clients or clients seeking solutions for web-based content. Our focus over the years has been the European markets, we consider ourselves a dedicated German TV Service Production in Los Angeles, catering especially to German clients with their needs for “Deutsche EB-Teams, Deutsche Kamerateams, FS7 Kamerateams, XDCAM Kamerateams, Kameramann in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco”.

We are also able to provide competent, well-trained and experienced reporters/producers/interviewers/fixers/stringers/line-producers who lead the camera crews on their assignment or prepare an assignment long before the client arrives.

All of our FS7 Camera Crews, C300 Camera Crews and XDCAM Camera Crews in our creative pool are fluent in both, English and German, and have a lot of insight and knowledge especially on our home turf here in Southern California.

We own almost all the mainstream equipment required to fulfill our assignments ourselves, lighting, grip and vehicles as well as some specialized gear. If necessary or if requested, we will rent additional equipment from local vendors.

juriFILM also provides non-linear editing services on MacPro-based AVID Media Composer or Adobe Premiere software (please see EQUIPMENT section).

We offer FTP and HTTP file uploads (within certain limitations).


juriFILM, Inc. is one of the well established television production companies in Los Angeles and has collaborated on countless television programs and formats over the years, working for many major European TV and Broadcast Networks including:

ARD (BR, HR, MDR, NDR, RBB, SWF, WDR) arte, DW, PRO7, RTL, sat.1, ZDF, 3sat (all German), ATV, ORF, RedBull TV (all Austrian) and SF/DRS (Switzerland) as well as Belgium, British and Dutch clients. Over the years, juriFilm also had the opportunity to serve major television production companies and agencies like Bavaria Film, Brainpool, Broadview, Burda, DDB, ECO Media, fischerAppelt, ITV, lucky7even, MBTV, Medienkontor, M.E.Works, RedSeven, Splendid, south&browse, SPIEGEL-TV, Walking on the Moon and many others.

We have also worked together with the EBU to support their clients and reporters from all over Europe (EBU has been renamed “Eurovisions of the Americas” several years ago, it’s a pooling organization for European broadcasters based in New York).

The productions we have worked on over the years vary in length from short segments to full-length documentaries or reportages. Some programs are episodical like the German version of “The Bachelor” or our annual collaboration on “Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum”, which has been filming in Los Angeles for all of its 14 seasons now.

The shooting styles vary widely for the multitude of stories and formats we’ve been hired to work on. The scope of requirements and approaches ranges from entertainment news, science, car shows, lifestyle, cultural or political concerns, fashion, human interest or investigative to popular culture as well as reality shows and sports.


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