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Los Angeles: 05:30 | Berlin: 14:30


Rene Jung DP's Equitas' film

After several mutual endeavors, juriFilm's CEO René Jung partnered up again with Director/Producer Paul Kampf on their most recent collaboration "Best Fake Friends". The 4K feature marks a new quality in both their careers. Produced by EP Holly Levow, Radar's Ted Field and Paul Kampf himself, the film recently premiered in Portland and Los Angeles and has received exciting reviews from numerous media outlets. The newly formed entity "EQUITAS Entertainment" is especially committed to women's equal pay and equal rights in the film industry. The core production team is already in pre-production for the next feature-length film. Please stay tuned for further updates on distribution as well as future collaborations between juriFilm and Equitas. The link below shows audience reactions to the film right after the Portland premiere as well as short bites from the movie.

Sony F55 available now

We are proud to announce the arrival of our first "large-format/full-frame" camera system, the very versatile SONY F-55, rivaling C300s, REDs or Amiras in its class. The camera is available for 4K feature and documentary production, 2K full-frame and 1080p ENG-style filming with all accessories that make it a "shoulder-handheld" type camcorder or, in a stripped-down version, a lightweight camera for use with a gimbal or a Steadicam. With up to 240 fps slow motion capabilities, proxy recording in MPEG2, a wide array of preset or custom LUTs and log-files and a sensor capable of capturing up to 14 F-stops in contrast range, this camera is as mainstream as it gets and future-proof technology at its best! We are very excited!

AMNESIA to win at IFS

We are happy and proud to announce that our Indi GoGo-financed film "AMNESIA" on which Rene Jung served as Director of Photography was announced to win Best Drama at IFS along with the Lead Actress Victoria Smurfit winning for Best Actress. The film will screen between May 28th and June 10th at Laemmle's with the Award Ceremony scheduled for May 29th. The next collaboration from the same team headed by Producer/Director Paul Kampf will be released soon: "Brad's Untitled Winter Project". Here's a trailer to AMNESIA:

AVID Symphony available now

juriFilm, Inc. has added an AVID Symphony with a Nitris DX Breakout Box to our editorial equipment. AVID Symphony Version 6 is now capable of 3D editing as well as advanced color correction features and a whole new set of advantages, additions and improvements compared to AVID Media Composer software. Please feel free to email us with any of your postproduction needs or questions.

The Legend of Tillamook's Gold

A recent collaboration of juriFilm's René Jung, who had served as Director of Photography on the BrightLightStudio production "The Legend of Tillamook's Gold", has received almost a dozen awards and has traveled the festival circle to more than 15 renowned film festivals in the past 24 months since its premiere. The film was showing in select theaters and also aired several times on STARZ! and Encore. North American Distribution for the movie has been assigned to the experienced experts of Maitland Primrose Distribution. The DVD is available at since summer 2008. The film also received the seal of approval for family friendly films by The Dove Foundation.

Horror Movie

The horror movie "Albino Farm", co-directed by Joe Anderson and Sean McEwen, signed an international distribution deal. Starring Tammin Sursok, Alicia Lagano, Nick Richey, Sunkrish Bala, Chris Jericho and Duane Whitaker. juriFilm's Rene` Jung served as Director of Photography. For further information on this movie please visit the website below.